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Two More Film Festivals! One in New Jersey, One in France!

We’ve got great news!! Our documentary will make its U.S. debut at the The Ridgewood Guild International Film Festival, and Jenn’s flying out to  mark the milestone in her home state of New Jersey!!!! 🎉

It will be screened Wednesday night, April 26, at the Bow Tie Cinema (formerly the Warren theater) on Ridgewood Ave.

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Another Phase Begins: Our First In-Person Documentary Screening


From left to right: Carlos, Quim and Jenn. Photo credit: Gonzalo Gonzalo Ballester.
From left to right: Carlos (festival volunteer), Quim (film director) and Jenn (the walker). Photo credit: Gonzalo Ballester.


Yes!!! We have entered a new phase of the walk, and it’s called the Film Festival Phase!

Our Bangkok Barcelona On Foot documentary film made its in-person debut in November at the Certamen de Cine de Viajes del Ocejón en el Montgó film festival.

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The Path of Me… Jenn’s a guest on this podcast

The Path of Me Jenn Baljko v2


Even though our walk is finished, we’re still talking about it…and, still being invited to talk about it!

One invitation recently came from Wendy Hutchinson,  a life coach and creator of The Path of Me podcast.

We had such an amazing  heart-filled conversation about the walk; the ups and downs of being a couple  while walking two continents; our connection with the world and its people; our deep love of nature, and the personal reinvention that  came after such a phenomenal adventure and Covid.

You can listen to our conversation on Spotify, and Apple iTunes, or you can watch the video version on YouTube.

Hope you’ll give it a listen.

Wendy, thank you for the invitation to be on your show and for sharing how Bangkok Barcelona On Foot  impacted my life and how the lessons learned from it are helping me now on the unmarked trail of my Joy Journey.

Thank you, too,  to another Wendy…Wendy Battles, host and creator of the Reinvention Rebels podcast, for introducing me to Wendy Hutchinson  and The Path of Me. I can’t wait until our Reinvention Rebels conversation goes live!

A four-year flashback: First Steps Lead to More Steps

“Let’s just get to that next pole. We can rest there,” I tell Lluís, pointing ahead about 200 meters.

It wasn’t a pole. It was a half-constructed, load-bearing concrete substructure designed to support the weight of a road or train tracks being built over our heads. In the +33-degree Celsius (91 degree Fahrenheit) hot, sticky and uncomfortable Thai heat the phrase “load-bearing structure” never entered my mind. At that moment, I was my own load-bearing structure, with about 40 pounds on my back. Words didn’t come easy. That pole, or whatever it was, was my salvation, and so was the one after that, and the one after that.

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The Last 1% (video) | L’últim 1% (vídeo)

Surprise! We have an official video trailer to mark the last one percent of our walk, the final 158 kilometers!

Check out this very special clip made by our friend Quim.

* * * *

Sorpresa! Tenim un vídeo, embrió d’un possible i desitjat documental, que marca el nostre darrer 1% d’aquesta aventura, els darrers aproximadament 158 quilòmetres!

Mira aquest curt vídeo que ha fet el nostre amic Quim!

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A Fundraiser That Started 5 Years Ago and Continues Today

From June 15 – 22, I am doing a walking fundraiser for a Rutgers University journalism scholarship I co-founded to honor the memory of a classmate, work colleague, and friend.

Please consider joining me as we finish our walk the same way we started it with:  Finding and sharing kindness, one step at a time.

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Arribem a Catalunya!!!! | On our way: Catalonia!!!!


Un cop caminades Tailàndia, Birmània, Bangladesh, Índia, Pamir, Tadjikistan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Azerbaidjan, Geòrgia, Turquia, Grècia, Macedònia, Albània, Montenegro, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Croàcia, Eslovènia, Itàlia i França amb aproximadament uns 15.700 quilòmetres als peus, ara finalment arribem a CATALUNYA, arribem a casa nostra !!!!


Wow! We finished France, and have crossed into CATALONIA!!!! Yes, with around 15,700 kilometers on our feet, we are really,  truly in the home stretch!!

Before we go into final countdown mode, let’s pause and reflect on our time in France.

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