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Heading To Tajikistan

Having spent a few weeks enjoying off-route parts of  Burma and Kyrgyzstan and getting our visas and logistics sorted,  it’s time to start walking again… And, man, do we have  itchy feet! We are definitely getting antsy to begin our “whatever comes next” phase in Central Asia. Rest is a good thing, but restlessness is an impatient beastie.

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Bangkok. Bagan. Bishkek?!?


Thailand. Done. Burma/Myanmar. Done. If we were following a straight line, Bangladesh would be the next country on our walk. But, it won’t be.

Up next: Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

BIshkek??? Kyrgyzstan??? You correctly may be telling yourself, “Why are you going there? That’s not even marked on your map!”

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La continuïtat de la ruta


De la mateixa manera que ens agradaria poder fer la nostra ruta de manera que no tinguem ‘forats al nostre formatge’, és a dir, caminant tots els quilòmetres que ens trobem entre Bangkok i Barcelona, també ens agradaria fer-la de manera continuada i en ordre. És a dir, primer Tailàndia, després Birmània, després Bangladesh, després l’Índia… però això no serà així.

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Daily Nest: Sleeping in Burma

Finding a safe place to sleep is one of our key priorities every day. It’s right up there with drinking potable water, eating enough calories and stretching our bodies during mid-day breaks.

The sleeping thing has proven to be harder than expected in Burma. It has turned into its own stressful job at the end of the day when we are exhausted from walking an average of 25-30 kilometers (about 15-18 miles) in +40-degree heat (about 110 in Fahrenheit).

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Els forats del nostre formatge


Què és o quin és el nostre formatge?

El nostre formatge, el nostre gran pastís, és com jo veig la nostra ruta desitjadaÉs tot el trajecte terrestre entre Bangkok i Barcelona. Jo ho veig com un enorme, fascinant i deliciós repte per nosaltres, un gran pastís, un enorme i dens formatge que volem anar mossegant, assaborint i digerint mos a mos, pas a pas.

La nostra intenció, per tot el recorregut, és creuar a peu tots aquests estats, països, nacions, territoris… tot el que trobarem entre Bangkok i Barcelona. Aquest és el nostre pastís, el nostre formatge.

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A Gear Update: Letting Go and Starting Over

We fantasize about carts and other wheeled ways to help haul our stuff, and we’ll keeping entertaining and experimenting with those ideas in different places. We also often think about getting a pack animal, but reality quickly sets in: Where would we park a water buffalo in a city like Bangkok or Yangon?

So, for the time being, we’re sticking with the idea we started with. We will carry what we need on our backs and make do the best we can.

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Our New Reality

Our first week walking has been full of surprises. Every day we learn something new, and the practice of living in the moment has taken on new meaning.

We headed out of Bangkok uncertain of what lies ahead, but knowing that we had to stop thinking about the big overwhelming mission of crossing Asia and Europe. We had to shift our focus to the here and now. Out walking, the best we can do is have a weekly goal, a daily objective and an hourly status check to see where our bodies and heads are at. We measure progress step by step, minute to minute and one kilometer to the next.

This past week gave us many opportunities to test this “right now” game plan. What we’re learning most is how to manage our own expectations of what this trip will look like on a day-to-day basis and what our bodies can handle.

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What’s In Our Packs?

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We’re starting our trip with backpacks and the most important things we need.

Down the road, we may consider using a cart or come up with  some other way of carrying water for long distances.  Carrying enough water is our most important concern, and when towns and people are more spread out and water is scarce, we’ll have to invent a solution.

For now, and through much of Southeast Asia, we intend to haul our homes on our back. The goal is to keep our individual total pack weight (everything on us and in our bags) to a relatively manageable 13-15 kilos (28-33 pounds); 10-11 kilos is really the sweet spot we’re aiming for.

Here’s a near-final list of what we are planning to bring with us. We’re still paring this down, and hope to trim a few more grams where we can.  Everything weighs something, even the smallest items, and we’ll have to take a hard look at what we really need and what we can do without.

Our packing priorities fall into a handful of mainstream “survivalist” categories: water, food, shelter/sleep and staying warm, dry, healthy and safe. Since we live in a virtually connected world, we’ve also added digital nomad necessities to our inventory list.

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Empaquetant nostres vides

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Des de que hem entrat a la tardor, la planificació i totes les gestions relacionades amb la nostra aventura es van precipitant ràpidament. Ens trobem engolits en una cascada de petites i grans gestions amb les que bàsicament estem empaquetant les nostres vides a Catalunya. Les nostres tan estimades i privilegiades vides!

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