Gràcies per començar | Starting With Thank You!


Abans de marxar de casa per capbussar-nos a la nostra aventura volem donar les gràcies a totes aquelles persones que fins avui ens han ajudat d’una manera o altra.


Before leaving home and diving  into our adventure, we want to thank everyone who has  helped us so far,  in one way or another. Here’s a special shout out to:

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What’s In Our Packs?

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We’re starting our trip with backpacks and the most important things we need.

Down the road, we may consider using a cart or come up with  some other way of carrying water for long distances.  Carrying enough water is our most important concern, and when towns and people are more spread out and water is scarce, we’ll have to invent a solution.

For now, and through much of Southeast Asia, we intend to haul our homes on our back. The goal is to keep our individual total pack weight (everything on us and in our bags) to a relatively manageable 13-15 kilos (28-33 pounds); 10-11 kilos is really the sweet spot we’re aiming for.

Here’s a near-final list of what we are planning to bring with us. We’re still paring this down, and hope to trim a few more grams where we can.  Everything weighs something, even the smallest items, and we’ll have to take a hard look at what we really need and what we can do without.

Our packing priorities fall into a handful of mainstream “survivalist” categories: water, food, shelter/sleep and staying warm, dry, healthy and safe. Since we live in a virtually connected world, we’ve also added digital nomad necessities to our inventory list.

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In June 2013, the idea of this crazy long walk popped into our heads and etched something deep into our hearts. Since then we have been getting our lives ready for however this adventure will unfold and wherever this calling we’re stuck on following takes us.

But saying yes to a project-change-of-life-trip-challenge like this involves many sacrifices.

Some of the sacrifices may seem trite on the surface, while others will have a lasting impact that will shift our perspective, perhaps, permanently. An infinite number of small pleasures and everyday comforts will fall to the side, and we’ll have to adjust to a completely new way of living.

Here are a few things we’re leaving behind, at least temporarily, in one way or another. It’s not an exhaustive list, but it is representative enough to show how much we appreciate our lives in Catalonia, and what we think we’ll miss when we start walking in a few weeks.

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Fer aquest viatge, començar aquesta aventura, plantejar-nos aquesta ‘meravellosa bogeria’ és quelcom que varem decidir fa molt de temps, per que ens cridava i cremava des del més profund dels nostres cors i cervells.

Molt afortunadament nosaltres tenim una vida privilegiada on no som materialment rics, però sí que ho som en experiències, en entorn i en qualitat de vida. Així doncs, algú es podria pensar que ens llencem a la piscina (o millor dit, tenint en compte la magnitud del repte plantejat, ens llencem a l’oceà) per que no estem a gust a casa. Potser algú es pensa que afrontem aquest repte per que fugim de la nostra realitat, de les nostres famílies, de la nostra societat, país o entorn.

Cadascú és molt lliure de pensar el que vulgui, faltaria més, però la realitat és que malgrat la nostra privilegiada vida, emprenem aquest projecte-viatge-repte-canvi de vida a costa de molts sacrificis. Alguns d’ells, molt importants per a nosaltres.

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Empaquetant nostres vides

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Des de que hem entrat a la tardor, la planificació i totes les gestions relacionades amb la nostra aventura es van precipitant ràpidament. Ens trobem engolits en una cascada de petites i grans gestions amb les que bàsicament estem empaquetant les nostres vides a Catalunya. Les nostres tan estimades i privilegiades vides!

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Why We Walk

Aquí teniu el post en Català. 

We spent lots of time this summer mulling over really big stuff about our upcoming walk, almost to the point of mind-numbing overwhelm. So we’re shifting gears and getting back to basics of why we’re jumping into this huge adventure and tackling all the practical things that have to be done before we head to Bangkok.

We’ll talk about the nitty gritty details in other posts, but, for now, let’s settle up the questions people immediately ask when they hear about our 14,000 kilometer hike through Asia and Europe, “Why are you walking?  Wouldn’t it just be easier to take a bus or a train?”

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Per què caminem?

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Per què fer-ho a peu?

Hem dedicat una gran part d’aquest estiu a pensar, escriure i compartir moltes de les nostres inquietuds que no deixen de rondar pels nostres cervells fins un punt gairebé malaltís. Ara mirem de canviar per tal de tornar als temes més bàsics. Anem cap a aquells temes molt més pràctics que hem d’afrontar i enllestir abans de llençar-nos a aquesta aventura-viatge-repte-canvi de vida.

Ja parlarem dels detalls de la planificació en algun altre escrit, però ara mirem de comentar algunes de les preguntes que molta gent ens fa immediatament quan s’assabenten que volem caminar aproximadament uns 14.000 quilòmetres entre Àsia i Europa. Per què voleu fer-ho a peu? No seria més fàcil agafar un autobús o un tren?

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