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Six Senses and Disconnected Randomness


The pace of Bangladesh and India is nonstop.

Gone are the days of peaceful meandering in the mountains of the Pamirs or wishful thinking in the desert stretches of Uzbekistan.

Our thoughts now come in rapid disconnected spurts, and our senses are overwhelmed with a constant attack of all things sweet, beautiful, ugly and gut-wrenching gross. There is little time for long, pensive reflections. Paying attention to what’s coming toward us or behind us takes all our energy.

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Time to Connect

“I want to be an actor,” an older teen says. He has some beautiful dance moves down pat, and almost made us cry with his monologue interpretation of a being a kid on the street.

“I will study technology,” chimes another teen.

“I want to be a cricketer,” asserts a 10-year-old, nodding his head as if it’s already a done deal.

The girls huddle nearby, playing timid, but when they perform a welcome dance for us, their shyness disappears and their light inside brightens up the room.

These are a few of the children at the Aparajeyo-Bangladesh’s Chittagong Center. If they weren’t here, many of them would be living on the streets. They come from who knows what kind of backgrounds–domestic violence, drug-addicted parents, sex industry abuse. The sad list goes on.

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