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A Medical Detour

Our walk has been on hold since the beginning of February because of an unexpected turn of events. I had a medical setback requiring surgery. Thankfully, it was not life-threatening. I am healing well, and walking a little more each day without weight. Our long-distance walking will resume when my body is strong enough.

Here is a very personal story about the chain of events that led to the Feb. 9 operation. It’s gynecological-related. I tell you ahead of time so you won’t get squeamish. I’ve chosen to share this because it’s a very big marker along our walk, and I think many women will relate to it.  There are also deeper stories here about our thought process, and the incredible kindness we were offered these last few months that deserve acknowledgement.

Mostly, this is an intimate view to my inner workings, and my journal about one of the more important choices I have had to make, to date, about my health.

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Six Senses and Disconnected Randomness


The pace of Bangladesh and India is nonstop.

Gone are the days of peaceful meandering in the mountains of the Pamirs or wishful thinking in the desert stretches of Uzbekistan.

Our thoughts now come in rapid disconnected spurts, and our senses are overwhelmed with a constant attack of all things sweet, beautiful, ugly and gut-wrenching gross. There is little time for long, pensive reflections. Paying attention to what’s coming toward us or behind us takes all our energy.

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