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Anem a Turquia | On our way: Turkey


(English version below)

Un cop caminades Tailàndia, Birmània, Bangladesh, Índia, Pamir, Tadjikistan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Azerbaidjan i Geòrgia amb aproximadament gairebé uns 9.900 quilòmetres als peus, ara ens endinsem a Turquia.

For those of you counting, we have walked Thailand, Burma, Bangladesh, India, Pamir, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Azerbaijan and, now, Georgia. With about almost 9,900 kilometers on our feet, we cross into Turkey.

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One Moment: Those People

Ali waves to us from the top of the hill. We wave back, reluctantly.

It’s the end of our walking day, and we are scanning the desert landscape for a suitable campsite. We have our eye on an abandoned house on the flattened section of the hill not far from where Ali is standing. Continue reading One Moment: Those People