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We notice a lot of things when walking the world.

As similar as we all are, we do things differently, either because of customs, cultures or habits.

Here are a few of the curious things we discovered in Bangladesh, in random order. (Lluís does a much better job remembering and noting all these little things. Check out his post in Catalan, published the same day as this one; you can use Google translate to get the gist.)

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Curiosities From…Burma


What makes travel fun is noticing the quirky things that are unique or special to a place. Walking makes those things appear in slow motion and gives us more time to mull them over.

Here are a few of the curiosities we spotted in Burma, a series we started in Thailand and hope to continue with each country we pass through. Lluís and I often spot different things, so read/translate his list to chuckle twice as much (His post about Burma will be posted the same day as this one, and here is take on Thailand).

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Curiosities From…Thailand

Traveling opens our eyes, and we see things we normally may not notice or give much thought to.

While some things may feel familiar, other things feel unique or special to a place.  We call these unique things curiosities…things that are different enough to make us shrug our shoulders and go “hmmm…what is that about?”

Lluís has done a great job keeping a running list of these curiosities during our month of walking in Thailand, and you can read it here in Catalan.  I ran out of time translating the draft before we crossed into Myanmar, so I’ll offer up my top 10 list instead, working backwards as David  Letterman did.

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