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Gràcies per continuar | Thank you for Following Along


Un cop caminades Tailàndia, Birmània, Pamir, Tadjikistan i Uzbekistan amb aproximadament uns 3.500 quilòmetres al sac, ara us volem tornar a donar les gràcies per seguir amb nosaltres, per seguir recolzant-nos i ajudant-nos d’una manera o altra.


For those of you wondering, we have walked approximately 3,500 kilometers through Thailand, Burma/Myanmar, the Pamirs, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan since we set out in January 2016. It’s been an amazing, challenging, breathtaking, inspirational and not-always-easy walk so far, and we are looking forward to starting our next leg in Bangladesh and India in a few weeks when the monsoon season ends.

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Birmània-Recorregut detallat/Detailed route-2


Birmània – Recorregut detallat 2

Burma – Detailed route 2

A peu / On foot: Pyinmana, Wetkon, Pauktaw, Ayemyintthayar, Kyanboso, Chaungzauk, Ywathit, Aungban, Zegon, Kyidaunggan, Hlebyingwe, Thaikchaung, Nanaw, Tegon, Tatkon, Yamethin, Pyawbwe, Kandaung, Meiktila, Chaungna, Let Pan Eint-East, Zayetkon, Let Pan Pya, Bin Tel, Indaw Jel, Indaw, Kyauk Padaung, Nyaung-U, Old Bagan, New Bagan.

Aprox 330 km

No a peu / Not on foot: Myawaddy, Bago, Pyinmana

No a peu / Not on foot: Pakokku, Myingyan, Myotha, Mandalay, Bago, Mawlamyine, Moattama, Mahamyine, Myawaddy.

Curiosities From…Burma


What makes travel fun is noticing the quirky things that are unique or special to a place. Walking makes those things appear in slow motion and gives us more time to mull them over.

Here are a few of the curiosities we spotted in Burma, a series we started in Thailand and hope to continue with each country we pass through. Lluís and I often spot different things, so read/translate his list to chuckle twice as much (His post about Burma will be posted the same day as this one, and here is take on Thailand).

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Tribal Council: Can We Sleep Here or Not?

Finding a place to sleep has been one of our biggest daily challenges on this stretch of the walk. In our Daily Nest post, we highlight a few of the places we slept during the last eight weeks. This is one night’s surprise.

It’s about 3 p.m., time for us to start thinking about where we will sleep. In Burma, this is never an easy task for the kind of trip we’re doing. We cross our fingers, ask the universe to  fix something up for us, and hope a dash of luck and a good amount of patience and preserverance  lead us somewhere safe.

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