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Hem arribat als 15.000 km caminats | New Milestone: 15,000 Kilometers Walked

Ja hem caminat aproximadament uns 15.000 km!

Aquesta distància ens ha permès fer la nostra ruta a través de Tailàndia, Birmània, Bangladesh, Índia, Pamir, Tadjikistan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Azerbaidjan, Geòrgia, Turquia, Grècia, Macedònia, Albània, Montenegro, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Croàcia, Eslovènia, Itàlia i ara estem creuant França amb la mirada posada en la nostra destinació final, la nostra estimada Catalunya.

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We reached a new milestone! We have walked approximately 15,000 kilometers (about 9,320 miles)!

To date,  we have crossed Thailand, Burma, Bangladesh, India, Pamir, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy. We are currently in France, and if we squint we can almost see our final destination, our beloved Catalonia.

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Questions & Answers


We had an open and public Questions and Answers session some weeks ago and we would like to publish it in this entry post.

Why do we want to publish it? Because we think some of you who are kindly following our adventure-project-trip might find some of the questions and some answers useful or interesting. If you have been following us, you might know some answers already, but we think there were some interesting questions worth publishing. So here we go, this was the open Q&A. We hope you like it !

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A Gear Update: Letting Go and Starting Over

We fantasize about carts and other wheeled ways to help haul our stuff, and we’ll keeping entertaining and experimenting with those ideas in different places. We also often think about getting a pack animal, but reality quickly sets in: Where would we park a water buffalo in a city like Bangkok or Yangon?

So, for the time being, we’re sticking with the idea we started with. We will carry what we need on our backs and make do the best we can.

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Els primers 1.000 km |Our First 1,000 kilometers (aprox)

(English version below)

Doncs ja tenim fets els primers 1.000 km aproximadament (ja fa dies). Insisteixo en l’aproximadament doncs és difícil comptar tot el que fem.

Aquests 1.000 km inclouen els que fem amb les motxilles entre punt A i B, més els que també caminem amb totes les motxilles quan cerquem allotjament o quan alliberats i lleugers visitem indrets.

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What’s In Our Packs?

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We’re starting our trip with backpacks and the most important things we need.

Down the road, we may consider using a cart or come up with  some other way of carrying water for long distances.  Carrying enough water is our most important concern, and when towns and people are more spread out and water is scarce, we’ll have to invent a solution.

For now, and through much of Southeast Asia, we intend to haul our homes on our back. The goal is to keep our individual total pack weight (everything on us and in our bags) to a relatively manageable 13-15 kilos (28-33 pounds); 10-11 kilos is really the sweet spot we’re aiming for.

Here’s a near-final list of what we are planning to bring with us. We’re still paring this down, and hope to trim a few more grams where we can.  Everything weighs something, even the smallest items, and we’ll have to take a hard look at what we really need and what we can do without.

Our packing priorities fall into a handful of mainstream “survivalist” categories: water, food, shelter/sleep and staying warm, dry, healthy and safe. Since we live in a virtually connected world, we’ve also added digital nomad necessities to our inventory list.

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