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Hem arribat als 15.000 km caminats | New Milestone: 15,000 Kilometers Walked

Ja hem caminat aproximadament uns 15.000 km!

Aquesta distància ens ha permès fer la nostra ruta a través de Tailàndia, Birmània, Bangladesh, Índia, Pamir, Tadjikistan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Azerbaidjan, Geòrgia, Turquia, Grècia, Macedònia, Albània, Montenegro, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Croàcia, Eslovènia, Itàlia i ara estem creuant França amb la mirada posada en la nostra destinació final, la nostra estimada Catalunya.

* * * *

We reached a new milestone! We have walked approximately 15,000 kilometers (about 9,320 miles)!

To date,  we have crossed Thailand, Burma, Bangladesh, India, Pamir, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy. We are currently in France, and if we squint we can almost see our final destination, our beloved Catalonia.

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A Hundred Times a Day

I quit this walk a hundred times a day. Really. Every single day.

I have conversations in my head all the time about how much I hate what we are doing, how I want my Barcelona life back, how I was happier then.

More often than I should, I count off all the reasons I want to stop, and all the things that make me tired.

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The Shortcut

“Look at the map. This dirt road may be a shortcut. We’ll avoid the main road and traffic, and maybe we’ll save a couple of kilometers.”

The sun is climbing over the horizon, the birds are up, and farmers on horses wave to us. The soft green rice paddies create the illusion of a morning hike out in nature, away from people and noise. We haven’t walked a trail like this for many months.

It sounded like a good option at 6 a.m.

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